25th Simulational Physics Workshop

In June, 2009, the College joined the department of physics and astronomy in hosting a reception celebrating a $3.2 million renovation to the 50-year-old physics building on Cedar Street, a renovation that included space for the new Center for Simulational Physics. Distinguished Research Professor of Physics David Landau established and has led the simulational physics research group at UGA since the 1970's.

The 25th Annual Workshop in the series, "Recent Developments in Computer Simulations Studies in Condensed Matter Physics" is underway  and will continue all this week at UGA.

In the words of Landau, " Simulational Physics has grown dramatically in importance and now is truly a 'third way', in addition to experiment and theory," to explore the mysteries of the universe.  UGA has truly played a significant role in this change through the establishment of this workshop series.  In recent years the topics have included both hard and soft condensed matter, granular media, biomolecules, complex systems, and GPU computing, just to mention a few topics.  We bring together an international group of simulational physicists as well as scientists in related fields in a highly interactive atmosphere.  Students and postdocs mix with senior luminaries in the field to promote discussion, presentation of new methods and ideas, and strong interpersonal interaction.  Participants will come from Europe, Israel, Japan, Brazil, and throughout the U.S.

All members of the UGA community are invited to participate, with no registration fee.

The festivities this week will include a reception at 5 p.m. on the Thursday Feb. 23 for Kurt Binder. Binder, one of only two Gutenberg Fellows and Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Mainz in Germany, has served as an adjunct professor at UGA for nearly 30 years. Recipient of the Max Planck Medal, the Berni Alder Prize, and the Boltmann Medal, Binder has played a significant role in altering the view of German physics towards computer oriented research. A colleague at UGA since 1975, the department invites the UGA community to join in celebrating the achievements of this highly decorated and distinguished scientist. 

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