ARCO in Venice

A year ago last month, I had the distinct privilege of traveling to Italy with one of the premiere ensembles in the Hugh Hodgson School of Music - the ARCO Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Franklin Professor of Music Levon Ambartsumian. ARCO was invited to play a UNESCO-sponsored concert in the renowned opera house La Fenice, in Venice. It was a very beautiful concert and delightful experience.

Now WUGA-TV will broadcast the one-hour documentary I made with ARCO as a part of that trip, ARCO in Venice:

"La Fenice is among the most prestigious and glorious performance venues in the world," said Dale Monson, director of the Hodgson School. "That our students had the opportunity to appear on stage there is a rare honor, reflecting not only the rising visibility of UGA, but also the skill and accomplishment of our students."

Comprised primarily of students from the Hodgson School of Music, ARCO Chamber orchestra also featured professor of cello David Starkweather, and academic professionals Shakhida Azimkhodjaeva on violin and Anatoly Sheludykov, piano. Originally formed in Moscow, Russia, ARCO was reprised at UGA by Ambartsumian upon his arrival in 1995.

The concert in Venice also featured guest solo performances by Brazilian oboist Alex Klein, Japanese cellist Dai Miyata and University Professor Milton Masciadri. Designated as a "UNESCO Artist for Peace" in 1998, Masciadri helped organize the Venice concert.

 The film will be shown Dec. 19 at 6 p.m. and then several times thereafter over the holidays.

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