CORE Dance Company presents "Awe-Wakening"


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The University of Georgia department of dance CORE Concert Dance Company will present its contemporary and aerial dance concert "AWE-WAKENING!" Feb. 29 to March 3 at 8 p.m. in the New Dance Theatre.

The 60-minute performance consists of a range aerial dance-including bungee-assistance, trapeze, lyra and silks-blended with digitally rendered film projection and lighting effects. The evening's concert explores a connection to current topics about global awareness and is primarily performed by UGA students with international representation, including students originally from South Korea, Bosnia and Japan.

"Our program continues to grow in our abilities to expand in the diversity of repertoire we present to the public," said Bala Sarasvati, Jane Willson Professor in the Arts in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences and director of the CORE Concert Dance Company. "The aerial equipment utilized in choreography today is compelling for both dancers and audiences, and our students are incorporating it into new methods of expression and exploration."

Image: UGA department of dance

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