Scientists to speak at SEC renewable energy symposium

A three-day SEC-sponsored event in February to discuss the future of renewable energy will feature two Franklin researchers with wide experience in our region's quest for renewable fuels:

The SEC Symposium theme, “Impact of the Southeast in the World’s Renewable Energy Future,” will explore the spectrum of renewable energy technologies, including bioenergy, solar, wind, wave/flow and nuclear. 


Researchers from all 14 member schools will speak in 11 sessions moderated by UGA faculty, most of whom are members of UGA’s Bioenergy Systems Research Institute. UGA will be represented by Joy Doran-Peterson, associate professor of microbiology and director of UGA’s Biomanufacturing and Bioprocessing Program, and C.J. Tsai, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar and professor in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources and the department of genetics in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. Both are members of BSRI.


Peterson’s presentation, “Biomanufacturing and Bioprocessing: The Missing Link for the Biotechnology and Biofuels Industry,” is part of a session that addresses the growing need for alternative energy workforce development and outreach in K-12 programs and centers of higher education.

Tsai’s presentation, “Bioenergy Targets in Poplar Improvement,” will focus on her research into the use of woody biomass as a source of biofuel.

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