UGA welcomes internationally renowned religion scholar

halpern_baruch, with books.Scholars around the world are congratulating the Franklin College and UGA for one new faculty member in particular on campus this semester:

An internationally recognized scholar whose work combines ancient history, archeology and religious studies has joined the University of Georgia as the inaugural holder of the Covenant Foundation Professor of Jewish Studies.

Baruch Halpern, who comes to UGA from Penn State University, has authored four books, including "The First Historians" (Harper & Row, 1988) and the landmark "David's Secret Demons: Messiah, Murderer, Traitor, King" (Eerdmans, 2001). The latter, which is being translated into Hebrew and Italian, used historical and archaeological evidence to examine the life of King David of Israel.

Halpern also co-directed archeological excavations of the ancient city Megiddo in Israel, edited two scholarly book series and has appeared in several documentaries on Biblical history. He is currently writing a history of Israel and a biography of the prophet Jeremiah.

"Dr. Halpern is a first-rate scholar whose addition to our faculty highlights the importance of Jewish studies to an intellectually vibrant department of religion that also boasts expertise in Christianity, Islam, Asian studies and Native American religious traditions," said Franklin College Dean Alan T. Dorsey. 

We are glad to welcome Dr. Halpern to campus and happier still for the new opportunties our students will have to learn from him. Esteemed faculty members across our college help attract top students and this is an instance of, a closer look at, how a university advances into the highest eschelons intellectual inquiry and engagement.

Image: UGA photo of Baruch Halpern, Covenant Foundation Professor of Jewish Studies in the department of religion.

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