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Cobb in New York Times


Spaulding Distinguished Research Professor of History James Cobb takes to the pages of the New York Times to describe Republican support in the South:

Lest we go overboard in emphasizing the peculiarities of working-class white Southerners, we should remember that racially tinged, working-class white conservatism is a fixture throughout much of rural America. Also is it really all that striking that nearly 6 in 10 working-class whites in the South complained of federal favoritism toward blacks when nearly 5 in 10 responded similarly in the Northeast and the Midwest?

An authority in his field (and friend of the blog), Cobb is a favorite of reporters and opinion editors across the nation. He does a great job for UGA and the Franklin College bringing his scholarship into the sphere of popular media, where it is sorely needed.

On grammatical precision


To think clearly is to write clearly is to speak clearly. When it comes to the faltering standards of English language usage and practice, the evidence abounds and can seem overwhelming. All who engage as teachers, and at any level, really have their work cut out for them. All writers and speakers everywhere take their places on the front lines of this struggle simultaneously as well, providing examples for better and often worse. The importance of the power to say what you mean, to persuade, to re-enforce (not to mention to use poetry for higher ends) has remained constant.