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Javanese pop


A rare musical performance on Saturday, March 30 at 8 p.m. in Hugh Hodgson Concert Hall, connecting the cultures of Java, Indonesia and Athens, Georgia.

The pieces performed will be reimaginings, remixes, and intermixes of the traditional music of Java, Indonesia, recorded by ICE graduate research assistant Kai Riedl and engineer Suny Lyons of the band Electrophoria. In addition to Electrophoria performing a handful of songs from their upcoming release this spring, Saturday's performance will feature a variety of local musicians including powerkompany, Revien, and Killick. Additional performers include UGA faculty and students in the Hugh Hodgson School of Music, and the entire show will be recorded for a later broadcast on Javanese radio.

The Our New Silence Project includes a diverse group of collaborating musicians in Athens, Georgia who began remixing and reimagining the songs from Javasounds within the context of original pop, ambient, electronic, and experimental music. The project includes the work of artists such as Peter Buck (REM) and Kate Pierson (The B52s), Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink (Azure Ray), Bill Doss and John Fernandez (The Olivia Tremor Control), Graham Ulicny (Reptar), and many more.

Futurefarmer Franceschini to visit UGA



The Lamar Dodd School of Art, The Willson Center and ICE bring interdisciplinary artist Amy Franceschini to campus on March 6.

Franceschini will deliver the lecture[ 4 p.m., 101 MLC] "Art is a Verb," which focuses on her recent work with sustainable energy, urban food production and dialogues between artists and scientists. She is the founder of Futurefarmers, a critically acclaimed group of artists and designers who have worked together since 1995. Their innovative studio produces art projects, design for print and interactive websites, workshops and research that explores social, cultural and environmental systems. Futurefarmers hosts artists from around the world in residency programs that offer a platform for collaboration and research.