November 2011

Does Abstinence-only sex ed work?


sex_education_.jpgThere has been a great amount of conjecture over the years that the best kind of sex education for youngsters is Just-Don't-Do-It. The only problem with this, University of Georgia researchers now say, is that it does not work:

Franklin physicists invent near infrared-emitting material


panzhengwei.jpgUGA news service reports on newly published work by physics and astronomy faculty member, Zhengwei Pan:

Materials that emit visible light after being exposed to sunlight are commonplace and can be found in everything from emergency signage to glow-in-the-dark stickers. But until now, scientists have had little success creating materials that emit light in the near-infrared range, a portion of the spectrum that only can be seen with the aid of night vision devices.

In a paper just published in the early online edition of the journal Nature Materials, however, University of Georgia scientists describe a new material that emits a long-lasting, near-infrared glow after a single minute of exposure to sunlight. Lead author Zhengwei Pan, associate professor of physics and engineering in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering, said the material has the potential to revolutionize medical diagnostics, give the military and law enforcement agencies a "secret" source of illumination and provide the foundation for highly efficient solar cells.

"When you bring the material anywhere outside of a building, one minute of exposure to light can create a 360-hour release of near-infrared light," Pan said. "It can be activated by indoor fluorescent lighting as well, and it has many possible applications."